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Trucking & Commercial Transportation

Trucking & Commercial Transportation Resources and Publications

Experienced Motor Carrier and Commercial Transportation Counsel

Armbrecht Jackson has maintained a robust Trucking and Commercial Transportation Practice for many years and has represented employee drivers, trucking companies, and motor carriers across Alabama. A detailed knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and contacts with experienced accident investigators are essential in preparing for litigation should an accident occur. The Trucking and Commercial Transportation practice group also provides advices regarding record keeping, safety policies and procedures, electronic data devices, logistical coverage and decision making, and driver qualifications issues to carriers and managers.

The Trucking and Commercial Transportation members also have experience with complex medical treatment and ailments which can arise from injury occurring to an employee driver, passenger, or non-commercial vehicle occupant. The members of this group are well versed in fields of medical causation, toxicology, biomechanical, human factors, and engineering principles which are often applied to claims and litigation arising from trucking and commercial transportation activities.

Whether you are seeking advices prospectively regarding safety and management issues or whether you or your company is subject to a claim or suit arising from an accident, our trucking and commercial transportation can provide assistance. Contact our firm to discuss your matter or case.

Trucking & Commercial Transportation Resources and Publications